Tile and Flooring

handyman working on tile and flooring

Our team finds that a tile and flooring installation/upgrade is the perfect addition to any home. It adds a modern touch and can create an entirely new look all with one switch. We understand that flooring in a home is an essential factor that will need to last for many years to come. Our team listens to your needs and will recommend the best solution whether that be for someone operating a business in the home or for a family caring for pets such as dogs and cats.   

Please read on to find out more about the tile and flooring services that we provide here at Coral Springs Handyman:

We want all of your flooring to last a long time. From the all the times the kids are running through the house on the weekends to the times your dog is chasing your beloved cat around the house, let us make the floors the last part you’ll worry about. We suggest flooring that will be as durable as you need it to be, and we come with several options that will fit your personal aesthetic. Flooring is often a neglected part of the home, but we’re here to make it a first priority. 

Low Maintenance
With the application of tiles of hardwood floors, it’s easier to maintain and clean, especially over a number of years. Tile and hardwood don’t stain the way normal carpet might, and we suggest certain styles that are resistant to scratches or dents. We want to make the home as hassle-free as possible because at the end of it all, it should be a calming living space. We also provide tips and tricks to naturally clean and maintain your flooring so it may look its best through the years. 

Modern Look
New flooring instantly updates the look of the home, creating a modern feel. If looking to upgrade or even sell the home, a new set of floors may be all it takes to make that instant makeover. Start off your decision by establishing the vibe you want the home to give off to visitors, and then we’d be happy to suggest the different styles we’d find to match. We will work with your budget and suggest items to match. We even provide results and pictures of previous modern tile work to showcase our trustworthy installation process.

In a world where homeowners are making more eco-friendly choices, we want to be able to offer the same benefits and inform you of the right options to give your home this important update. With that, we also provide cost-effective options in order to ensure we’re working with your budget as we go through this process together. Some of the common eco-friendly flooring options are cork, bamboo, glass tiles and concrete, among many other styles.