handyman working on house painting

When painting a home, whether that be the interior or exterior, we’re here to provide a completely new look for you. Our team is equipped with the proper tools needed to assist you in all of your building painting needs. We suggest different colors based on the look you’re trying to achieve. With the right tools and speedy team, we’ll have your home looking brand new in record time. We’ll be available at almost any time convenient for you.

If you would like to learn more about the unique painting services that we offer here at Coral Springs Handyman, please read on to find out more about the following:

Get A Personalized Aesthetic
A simple painting job is able to transform the look of the room and create the aesthetic that you’ve been looking for. We suggest paint colors based on the mission you have for us, and even offer different accents for someone who may not want the wall to look so plain. For instance, we offer the ability to have a specialist come in and create designs on the trimming of the walls. Our staff will prime the walls to make the color you choose shine perfectly. We also are involved in painting a room for some of life’s bigger moments such as a new nursery or for your first home as a married couple.  

Enhance Your Curb Appeal
Boost the look of the home of the block with a paint refresh. The exterior home of the home is most often forgotten when looking to upgrade, and it happens to be one of the easier fixes. Add a fresh coat to the porch or detailing of the home to instantly boost the value and make the home stand out above the rest. This is a great addition/upgrade to have, especially if trying to sell the home. This update will be appealing to potential buyers. 

Get Added Protection
Painting instantly protects the look of dust, stains or grease to any part of the home. We ensure that a painting project is here to fix the look of an uneven room, and will be used to create the balance and aesthetic it deserves. By fixing and protecting against apparent marks, this instantly provides a more positive aspect of a home. It makes the home look cleaner, especially when upgrading lighter colors or the appearance of white.

Save Money
The cost for a paint project is so small in comparison to all the other projects your home may require when fixing it up. We’re here to keep the money in your bank account while also providing the best service. A paint project is something we recommend when on a tight budget, but you still are in the market to upgrade the appearance of your home. We also use and recommend affordable paint brand options, so that you may save money on the initial product.