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How To Install A Ceiling Fan

A ceiling fan promotes cooling air during summer and warmth through winter. The installation result is very beneficial as it not only provides comfort but also saves energy that lowers your utility bill. 

Installing a ceiling fan is generally easy, especially if the space above is open from aloft. Nonetheless, even if it isn’t, the project is still very doable. This piece will guide you to the best way on how to install a new roof fan.

Steps to Install a Ceiling FanMeasure the ceiling slopeSpecify the ceiling slope by holding a 2-ft. level toward the ceiling and measuring the vertical distance from the specified degree to the roof ceiling. 

  • Fan Height Specifications

The manufacturers normally demand that fan blades be at least 7 ft. above the ground. Recognizing most fan and motor assemblies are less than 12 in. high, they’ll fit under a conventional 8-ft. ceiling with the proper clearance.

If you have angled ceilings, you will need to install extension tubes to lower the motor and fan blades to clear the sloped ceiling surface.

Get the old box out and install a fan brace.Turn off the power at the central panel and remove the light fixture. Knock the current electrical box free of the framing with a hammer and a block of wood, then draw the electrical cable free of the old box and through the ceiling hole. Leave the old ceiling fan terminal box in the ceiling, except you can quickly remove it through the hole.

Install the ceiling brace, the new mounting box, then attach the bracket.Fill the fan brace up into the hole, rest the flat edge of the feet toward the ceiling and center the rod over the hole. Rotate the bar to fasten the brace to the framing. Snap the metal saddle over the rod, so it’s centered across the opening. After that, install a new ceiling fan mounting box, then attach the hanger bracket.

Assemble the fan and hang it.

  • Place the motor right side up, thread the wire through the extension tube and insert it into the mounting collar. 


  • Fasten the extension tube securely and prepare the hanging ball. 


  • Hang the motor. Raise the assembly over the open side of the bracket and lower it into place. Rotate it until the ball slot locks into position over the tab on the brace. 


  • Connect the wirings of your ceiling fan accordingly, such as the bare ground wire from the box to the colored green wire on the brace that has a wire connector. Then, connect the motor blue and black wire to the black hot wire and fold them nicely.


  • Attach the fan blades and screw them to their brackets.


  • Connect the radio receiver and the light pod, according to the manufacturer’s instructions.

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