Appliance Installation

handyman fixing dishwasher machine

Whether you’re moving into a new home or upgrading a well-loved one, let us be the team that handles all of your appliance installation worries. We will install any electrical appliance ranging from a smart fridge to a new dishwasher. We also install in all three of the following ways. Our team is dedicated to making your home look great, one appliance at a time. 

Please read on to find out more about our installation services for appliances and the different options that are available:

Sitting Proud
One of the many looks and methods to installing new appliances is called sitting proud. This occurs when an appliance comes out farther than the rest of the cabinets and shelving. It’s a most commonly used method for appliances such as fridges or stoves as many don’t naturally fit within the framework of a kitchen’s cabinetry. We recommend this method for those reasons. We also recommend this method when you still may be undecided on which appliance you desire for the home.   

Flush is the exact opposite method of Sitting Proud. This occurs when you may want all of your appliances to line up perfectly with the rest of your cabinetry and framework in the home. This is more commonly accomplished when a home is being custom made or remodeled. There is more time and room to make sure everything will line up perfectly based on the appliances chosen for the project requested. As you go through this process, our staff will recommend what we think will work best in your living space.

Stand Alone
This type of installation occurs when you don’t want any of the appliances to blend or match the cabinetry in any way. This would be the perfect method if you want us to install new washer/dryers as they have no need to rely on any framework or cabinetry. We suggest this if you want to have your space feel more open or if you want to have more freedom to be able to move or change out the appliances with little effort.

Protect Home from Damage
We want appliance installation to be one the last details that you worry about. By trusting our team, you will have our support and care for making your home the best it can look. We ensure that we will keep your home tidy, and prevent as much damage as possible during the installation process. We place protection covers in the home, and make sure we have all the tools handy for application. The best part about receiving new appliances is your ability to utilize them in everyday life. Let us handle the heavy duty work of bringing them in and making sure everything is in working order up until we leave. While we work diligently and effectively, we’ll have everything installed as quickly as possible.